Sharing My Inspirations

Almost everyone keeps some sort of memento or token on their desks. I’m just like everyone else in this regard. My office is filled with items that remind me of special memories, past successes, places I’ve visited, and people I love.

I have two stuffed bears sitting on my desk. One is from an English football club, and the other is from a New York state park. A framed photo reminds me of when I lived in Manchester, England. Another photo reminds me of a magical birthday when I swam with the dolphins for the first time. I have a coffee cup from my days at Krannert at Purdue.

My office also has some items that represent what I desire to bring into my life. Butterflies in my office stimulate my belief that I am creating newness, abundance, and prosperity throughout my business and my life. A figurine of a man embracing a woman reinforces my desire to be loved and cherished. A wall sculpture reminds me of my desire to be a mom.

How is your environment pushing you towards the life you desire to create? What are you doing to remind yourself of who you are BECOMING so you will escape your discontentment?

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