As a high impact leader in your organization, you are expected to get the best from your team, turn around poor performers, and retain your top talent while you’re still producing desired business results. Sometimes that can be a daunting to handle on your own!

SOAR Consulting provides customized solutions based on your leadership goals and your team’s unique Strengths. Drawing on the principles of CliftonStrengths, we offer transformative experiences, insightful coaching, and innovative solutions. Our blend of coaching, training, and consulting services will create tangible results.

Examples of customized solutions we have delivered

  • Utilize team grids to identify how individuals contribute their Strengths to resolve business issues
  • Individual sessions focused on their Top 5 Themes as part of a career and mentoring program
  • Real-time coaching to reduce conflict including ‘what if” scenarios, role-play, and visualization
  • Improve team collaboration through training on four information processing/communication styles
  • Facilitate workshops with Strengths-based scenarios as part of a team building initiative

I would love to discuss what you want for your team and for yourself!
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