Connect to Communicate

As a leader in your organization, you are expected to bring out the best from your team, turn around poor performers, and retain your top talent. Sometimes that can be a huge challenge!

Designed as an interactive workshop, this program will train participants on different communication and information processing styles. You will learn why it’s easy to chat with some people and possibly why it is difficult to be on the same page with others. This tangible and practical information will contribute to your ability to collaborate and lead within your organization. Individual coaching is available for program participants under a separate agreement.

What you will experience during this program

  • Understand four primary ways that people take in information
  • Practice job-based scenarios with individuals who use different styles
  • Learn how to apply this knowledge within your team and with your peers
  • Celebrate better communication with the people who matter most to you

Registration details are available by sharing your contact info at For More Info