Self-Perception has Impact on Your Power

This week while I was traveling for business, I experienced how powerful inner attitude and self-perceptions can be.

When I left the hotel, I asked for a taxi. Imagine my surprise when a stretch limo appeared at the door & the bellman said, “it’s for you”

At first, I was horrified because it’s NOT a good thing to show up at client site in a limo. After all, a client is paying for my expenses. I have a strict policy of spending my client’s money as I would spend my own money – wisely!

After a few moments, I decided that I would just enjoy the moment. After all, it’s a limo! The limo whizzed along the highway past all the typical commuters traveling at a snail’s pace. I loved the spaciousness inside the vehicle and daydreamed about being in a limo with my friends. It would have been that much more enjoyable to be with them instead of alone. We could laugh & celebrate with lots of joie de vivre!

I knew I was meeting another colleague at the client’s building. I knew that she would be annoyed and possibly even criticize me for this “choice” she’d assume was mine to make.

In a split second, I rose to a level where I knew I intended to stay. I rose above the current circumstances and chose my attitude. I knew that if I behaved defensively or panicked, it would only lead to an ugly start to a long day.

As predicted, my colleague’s pursed lips quivered with annoyance at my arrival. Determined to remain in my contented attitude, I decided to take the light-hearted approach….

“Wow! I asked for a taxi and got this limo. Who would’ve thought?!” She said something about being treated like a rockstar, and I replied, “yeah, and the best part is that it cost the same as yesterday’s taxi”

Riding in that limo gave me an opportunity to examine my limiting beliefs and to stretch (no pun intended) beyond who I am today to feel more comfortable in who I am becoming as I imagine more for myself

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