Making decisions & tying up loose ends

How do you make decisions? Especially decisions that will affect the long-term performance of your company?

One of my clients is involved in that kind of a decision-making process now. I admire the due diligence that the team members have put into the process. It’s been challenging at times to keep the group focused on the end goal: a recommendation that is best for the organization.

At times, people have focused on their needs over the organization’s needs. At times, it seemed like the group would get close to a decision and, instead of making the decision, they would identify more questions to ask.

A month ago, I told the executive responsible for this process that I would like to wrap up work by the end of June. However, I also want the group to finalize their decision before I leave.

I’m looking forward to their decision. I know the organization needs to move forward. A decision will move them towards action instead of postponing action any further. I know I’m ready for new challenges.

Their decision is part of my “letting go” process so that I can move forward. Interesting, isn’t it? It seems to be human nature to “tie up loose ends” before a major life transition.

I will celebrate the day this “loose end” is decided!

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