Moon & Stars Aligned

Did you see last night’s moon & stars? Even as a child, I remember being fascinated by the constellations in our night sky.

Last night there was a slight sliver of moon and three stars aligned in a perfect diagonal. Well, maybe the first star was actually Venus because it was much more brilliant than the other two!

What does the moon and stars being in alignment have to do with business? For me, it was a sign that all is well and progressing as it will be.

In business, sometimes we choose our paths based on numbers and financial projections. Sometimes we decide because it feels right. We may not have a rational explanation. We may not be able to explain it or define it.

History can show multiple decisions based solely on feelings that created excellent results while also proving my personal theory that sometimes decisions based only on thinking create disasters.

Today’s decision shapes tomorrow’s choices

That’s still one of my guiding principles in life and in business.

Next week I’m leaving Phoenix. Several months ago I made a decision, and that decision created a ripple effect throughout my entire life. Although I don’t know what’s ahead of me, I do know that the moon & stars are aligned.

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