Love making new connections!

What a fun week so far!

Tuesday I traveled to Indianapolis. I spent the night with my friends Brenda and Rich. Brenda & I met the first week I worked at Purdue (we aren’t going to mention how long ago that was). Although we don’t see each other often, she’s still a very special person in my life. Our relationship is one of my successes ~ we accept each other for who we are and not what we do, we listen without judgement, and we celebrate each other’s lives!

Tonight I spoke at an Indianapolis Ambassadors meeting. This volunteer group focuses on doing what they can to help Indianapolis in multiple ways! If you live in Indianapolis, check out their website because they have multiple opportunities to volunteer and make a difference.

After speaking on the SOAR principles, I talked individually with some of the audience members. It’s always fascinating to me that the same issues crop up again and again in organizations. Even when an organization SAYS it wants to change, sometimes the behavior of its leaders reinforces the opposite message.

If you know a leader who listens to their people AND supports their failures, tell them TODAY how much you appreciate them. We need more trustworthy, courageous leaders in this world!

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