Easiest Way to Self-Destruct at Work

Working in corporate America sometimes forces you to work with people who just don’t fit your idea of “fun” people. You don’t want anything to do with these people, much less work on a project with them or see them every day.

Each time they annoy you, you feel more like running from your office. And yet, somehow, your boss expects you to be able to “get the job done”. Then, you hear that some annoying person is saying unflattering things about you behind your back.

How do you cope?

Breathe deeply from the bottom of your stomach. We keep a lot of dead air and negative energy trapped inside our lungs. If you truly breathe from your diaphragm instead of the upper part of your lungs, you will experience a head rush of pure oxygen. Go ahead and try it!

Take action to preserve your relationships! Do not rely on people remembering who you are or what you did for the company six months ago. Spend your time now talking with people who know you and whose opinions matter. Believe me, it’s worth a lunch or a 10 minute coffee break to preserve your integrity.

Trust this truth: what goes around, comes around. Recognize that the person who is potentially sabotaging your reputation will be seen for what they are: insecure, selfish, and non-cooperative. No one wants to work with someone like that.

Success is All about Relationships!

When you have established and nurtured a relationship with someone, they will not assume the worst. They will ask questions when they hear negative things about you, and they will put a stop to the rumors.

On the flip side, if you haven’t nurtured your relationships, you’re hurting yourself. Lack of a relationship with your co-workers and your bosses is the easiest way to find yourself looking for another “ladder of success” with another company.

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