Set boundaries for your clients

We often set boundaries for our children because we are loving, caring parents. We accept that those boundaries will be tested…. sometimes beyond our patience!

What some small business owners fail to do is set boundaries for their clients. It seems some people believe if you are a small business owner, you have to be willing to turn yourself inside out & upside down to please your clients.

I’m here to tell you that turning yourself inside out & upside down to please your clients is the short road to Emotional Disaster. The next town over from Emotional Disaster is Complete Burnout. And, on the other side of Complete Burnout is the deepest, darkest hole in which you might possibly disappear and never be seen again.

When you set limits for your children, you see positive results. They learn from you, and they grow up to be well-adjusted, happy adults.

When you set limits for your clients, you also see positive results. You are able to perform your best for them because you are working within boundaries that you set. Your clients have clear expectations about what you can do and when you can do it.

Will they test those boundaries? Absolutely!

The best thing you can do when that happens is to remain true to who you are and why you set the boundaries. When you are firm, they will respect you more…. just like our children respect us for being their parents instead of their friends.

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