Summer is coming….

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that I keep a rolling four month-planner posted in my office. The current month plus 90 days…. I may or may not have something planned for every day. Some months only display my speaking engagements and my travel trips.

Regardless of what I write on the planner, it truly helps me see how quickly time flies. I need the visual, tangible board in front of me.

In case anyone is wondering…. The United States will celebrate Memorial Day in a little more than 90 days from now (same day as the UK’s bank holiday). Yes, it’s already time to think about summer holidays and adventures.

If you have children, it’s time to consider summer camps and exciting trips. Even if you don’t have children, I’m sure it’s always fun to remember and re-create your lazy summer days of childhood.

For those of you who live in cold climates and are experiencing winter, knowing that summer is just around the corner can help you face another night of bone-chilling winds.

For those of you who live in fabulous places like Arizona (that would be me), it is absolutely delightful to enjoy the day’s sunshine without the intense summer heat.

Take some time today to plan your next adventure. Planning a holiday gives you something to anticipate with joy. Rev up your imagination by thinking about your summer, and you’ll see a surge in today’s productivity!

I’m planning a big adventure for my summer. I decided last year that I no longer needed to survive 115 (46 Celsius) degree temperatures in sweltering Arizona.

Stay tuned…. when I confirm my plans, I’ll let you know where you can find me….

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