Setting boundaries

While talking with a friend this weekend, I realized that I have set some important boundaries for my business. My friend was asking me some questions about my business and offering her opinions.

At first, I responded by saying that I wanted some friendships not connected to my business. I hoped she would get the subtle hint that I valued her friendship, but I really didn’t want to talk about my business with her.

Since she persisted in asking, I specifically said, “I made a decision last year to put some boundaries in place with my business so I wouldn’t get sidetracked by listening to everyone’s opinions.”

My boundaries are in place to protect me. In the past, sometimes I would get sidetracked when people shared opinions about what I ought to be doing. If their opinion differed from mine, sometimes I would change what I planned to do because I thought they knew more, had more experience, etc. Ultimately, I was dissatisfied with some of my business results because I listened to other people.

I believe listening to other opinions is a common mistake entrepreneurs make with their businesses. Now I ask specific people specific questions when I want feedback or advice. I like that boundary, and it works for me. I enjoy my friendships, and I enjoy my business.

What boundaries have you put in place? How have you succeeded because of your boundaries?

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