Ongoing Communications

This week has been filled with instances of poor communication, lack of communication, and miscommunication.

Maybe it’s in the air or something in the water….

When a client tells you that they will call you, do you follow-up anyway? How many times do you designate as “enough” in terms of reaching out? At what point do you feel like you have become a nuisance?

I used to believe that I could contact someone three times – maybe two emails and a phone call or three phone calls. It depended on the person and the situation.

Now I’m realizing how incredibly important it is to have ongoing communication vehicles like an ezine, newsletter, periodic articles, etc. It’s an easy way to remind someone of your services.

When you provide valuable content in an ongoing medium, it’s like saying “hey, I’m here, providing value, looking forward to working with you when you’re ready, and I’m offering my services when you’re ready.”

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