Yesterday I flew into Burbank for an all-day meeting in Pasadena. As soon as I walked into the airport from the plane, I was hit with all these emotions and memories of the last time I was there. I walked past baggage claim and remembered the excitement I felt then. I even looked back towards the traffic – I suppose I was hoping to see a car there.

The last time I flew into that airport, I was just starting my business. I was head over heels in love with someone who had a work assignment in the area. I flew out to visit and to focus on business development, goal setting, etc. I was researching coach training programs, and I could do that anywhere.

While I was in the area, I met with Linda Salazar, a woman who has a successful coaching practice. She told me about Terri Levine, a highly successful coach who is now one of my business advisors.

My business has evolved significantly since those early days of doodling on papers and reading in the library. Then, I thought I wanted to create a coaching practice similar to Linda and Terri.

What I actually created is a much better fit for who I am and why I’m on this planet.

Yesterday’s flashback demonstrates one of my success principles – Success is All About Relationships! Because of my past love relationship, I created two new business relationships.

I cherish my memories because those experiences make me who I am today. I am a confident businesswoman who is inspiring others to pursue their passions and make money!

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