Goals, Resolutions, or Desires?

As each new year begins, the inevitable question you hear people ask is “What are your new year resolutions?” For some people, resolutions are a great way to start fresh and remake themselves. Resolutions never did work well for me.

Sometimes goals are even tricky because I spent too many years focused on SMART goals in corporate America (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-based – I’m not even sure those are the correct meanings for the acronym because I blocked those memories from my mind)

This year I decided to ask my friends what they wanted to experience during the new year. Several friends got excited about my question because they always hated resolutions. Thinking about what they wanted was a fun way to voice some of the desires they held inside their hearts.

What do you want to have, do, or experience in 2007?

Here are some of my answers to that question…

I want to have more consulting clients than I can handle so that I have a waiting list and a referrals list to send clients to other people.

I want to adopt a beautiful, happy, healthy baby girl from Guatemala!

I want to fall in love again…. (my apologies if that’s TMPI – too much personal information)

I want to visit Sydney, Australia and re-visit Istanbul, Turkey

I want to publish my next book and create a dozen fabulous speaking opportunities

I want to laugh more, love more, live more, enjoy more, and feel more abundant every day!

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