AN Imaginative Promise for 2007

The start of a new year….

I considered carefully what I was willing to promise you for 2007. I believe I must live the words I write or speak so I do not want to over-promise.

My desire for you is to succeed in every area of your life. May your career or business soar. May you experience true joy and happiness. May your loved ones always be near your heart even if they cannot be with you. May you remember the power of acting today so you can create a future full of delight and pleasure.

One day each month I promise to focus on your success. I promise to send you positive thoughts and strong affirmations of who you are and who you are becoming.

I truly believe that there is a purpose for every person who crosses my life’s path. My desire for you is that you will fulfill your purpose and live your life with joy!

My desire is to be your Success Catalyst so that you can live these four success principles:

Success is All About Relationships!
Only Today
Always Imagine More
Ready to Rise

This promise is for you. I am imagining more for you already….

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