This morning I am creating a flashforward. A flashforward is a description of your future. Here’s one of the exercises I use to create my flashforward.

What are you looking forward to?

I am looking foward to seeing Wimbledon tennis tournament – maybe in person this year. I’m looking forward to traveling to Australia. I’m looking forward to writing more books, seeing my name published in magazine articles, and hearing applause as I approach the stage to speak. I’m looking forward to going to a future Super Bowl game with a man who enjoys football as much as I do. I am loving what I do, stepping out in bigger and bolder ways, and enjoying my LIFE!

What am I making happen?

I’m making more time to write, more time to be with me, more time to love who I am and what I do. I am making more money from more clients. I am creating more ideas for my website, blogs, articles, programs, services, info products. I am a Success Catalyst so I’m making my dreams my reality! I am making my life happen!

After writing those words and reading them again, my future feels closer, stronger, and better than ever! I feel moved to stronger action and more deliberate creation.

Are you ready to answer those questions? Email your flashforward to me at lucinda @ catalyst-for-success.com

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