Random meetings?

Last night I was flying from San Francisco back to Phoenix. As I waited at the gate for a delayed flight, I realized some former colleagues were waiting for the same flight.

What fun!

MO & I have bumped into each other at least three times in the last six months. As far as I’m concerned, there’s a reason I keep seeing her at different places.

She was teasing me about my business card I gave her six months ago because it only listed my name and phone number. Of course, I was in between offices at the time and had been evaluating a major overhaul of my website that would mean changing my email address. Long story short, I was using temporary cards when I saw her.

Now she has my new business card. We’re meeting soon because I want to know more about her current company. I hope to connect her with potential clients and/or collaborative business partners.

Part of how I define my success is helping others to succeed. I’d love to see her succeed!

Who have you connected in the last two weeks? Who can you help to succeed now?

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