Who knows why these things happen?

Last week I had this interesting blog prepared…. it was about financial independence and manifesting fun things (like multiple dates with multiple guys – wow! It’s been years since I enjoyed dating & right now I am having fun while I get to know different guys!)

And just as I pressed the “Publish Post” button, I obviously did something that erased my words.

(ugh!) What a letdown!

So…. who knows why these things happen? I decided that my words must not have been the ones you needed to read. And, that’s ok.

This week I am embarking on another adventure…. driving across the US to see my parents and both grandmothers. It’s 1700 miles to reach my parents’ home and then I’m going to do a road trip through three states before heading back to Phoenix. After all, you can only sustain long-distance relationships when you have some periodic face-to-face time.

This trip is somewhat bittersweet because I’m not sure one grandma will remember my visit. Our last visit was delightful, and she remembered for a long time that I had visited. This time I’m visiting because I want to see her again. It might be difficult if she doesn’t recognize me. It might be uncomfortable to have the same conversation again and again.

Hmmm…. That sounds like how some of my clients describe their marketing efforts. When prospects don’t recognize you, what do you do? Do you start at the introduction stage? Do you give up and let them go?

If you care about your prospective clients even half as much as I care about my grandma, you will tell them again and again who you are and how you can help them succeed. Because that’s your bottom line: you are offering a product or service that benefits your prospects. You believe you have something of value that your prospects need to succeed.

And, sometimes, you have to repeat yourself to be remembered.

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