Missed my opportunity

As a result of all the traveling I do, I created a “rule Lucinda lives by” when it comes to meeting new people.

When I see a random person more than once, I introduce myself. After all, if we chose somehow to be in the same place more than once, we might have more in common.

In August, a woman sat next to me on a plane going to Milwaukee, WI. We had a typical conversation that two strangers can sometimes have on a 2+ hour plane trip. Less than a week later, she was on my return flight.

When I saw her approach the gate, I actually laughed at the synchronicity. While we waited for our bags at Sky Harbor, we introduced ourselves and exchanged business cards. I believe this introduction will bring future business somehow – it may be that I use her husband’s services or she may introduce me to my new accountant. Only time will tell….

Unfortunately, I ignored my “rule” this week while driving west. I had a great conversation with two people from Colorado Springs and then saw them again the next morning at my hotel. I thought about introducing myself, and then I thought they would consider me “odd” if I did.

Now I’m wondering why I didn’t follow up and introduce myself. I have this vague feeling of a missed opportunity to create a connection. I can only hope that if it is meant to happen, another opportunity will present itself. And, I will remind myself of today’s vague dissatisfaction next time I see a random stranger twice.

After all, the connection is the first step in building a relationship.

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