Home Sweet Home

After traveling 4300 miles by car, I am happily readjusting to life at home in Arizona. Although it doesn’t seem like I was gone very long, it feels like I’m stepping back into a different life.

Things I learned during my trip……

When you travel alone, time goes by faster with an iPod and a cell phone. I listened to some great audio books and fun music. In between the entertainment, I thought about who I am and what I want. Sometimes I called friends to chat about where I was and what I was thinking.

The best non-technical things I took with me: my cooler and my road atlas. If I got thirsty, I had Pepsi and water right next to me. I didn’t stray too far from the route I had identified prior to leaving Phoenix, but I felt more secure knowing that I had the full map of the United States with me instead of just “point to point” directions from Yahoo or Mapquest.

Here’s the “priceless” lesson of my trip: I have friends and family who love me, support whatever I do in life, and provide a safe haven anytime I need it. Being with my parents in their home reminded me of lots of family times and the secure childhood I enjoyed. I surprised a first cousin in Kentucky by showing up at his Heavenly Ham store. Visiting my grandma in Kentucky was amazing because she knew who I was. Spending time with friends in between the family visits kept me grounded in who I am becoming (and it’s good to spend time with your tribe if you are getting a little emotional about your family).

My last visit was with my mom’s mom in Tennessee. She is an amazing 84-year-old dynamo who still sells Avon and lives in her own home by herself. By that point in my trip, I was evaluating some decisions I’ve been contemplating. She listened each day, asked questions, and never once criticized any choice I made. When I mentioned that I would dearly love for her to live to be 110, she told me that my cousin (an optometrist) is making sure her eyesight lasts that long. lol

Why would I talk about such a personal adventure on a business blog? Because my success is directly tied to the relationships I have. I am a rich woman because of the people who are part of my past. They have nurtured me and shaped who I am today.

Who has created your success? Who helped you to become the person you are today? Reach out and thank them. Let them know how very special they are. You’ll be glad you did.

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