“Come As You’ll Be” Party

After spending a week with my parents, I am now visiting my friend Leah and her two daughters in Indiana. Friday night she hosted a “Come As You’ll Be” party.

The premise of a “Come As You’ll Be” party is to dress and/or bring something to represent the person you are five years in the future. As people arrived at Leah’s house, a sign on the door declared, “Welcome to 2011. Leave the past behind and step into your future.”


And, it was also thought provoking…. After all, do you know who you want to be in five years? Do you know where you’ll live? What you will accomplish? How you will feel? Who you’ll love?

I chose to wear a bright orange beach tunic to celebrate my recent trip to Tahiti & Fiji. Orange is also the color of creativity, and I have created abundance, prosperity, fun, and joy in my life during the last five years. I borrowed a toddler-size baby doll from my friend’s daughters to represent my daughter Amelia.

Our conversations were lively and stimulating! We talked of focus, possibilities, and excitement. Instead of talking about today’s issues and difficulties, we opened our hearts and minds to what is possible. It was fascinating to see people light up as they talked about their passions. One couple came dressed in tropical clothes because they retired to Maui. Another couple created a martial arts academy. Another woman’s book on personal organizing is a New York Times best seller.

We created vision boards & that activity just amped up our energy! Some people had a definite plan to succeed, and you could see the actions they were taking now to accomplish their dreams. A few people seemed tentative in expressing themselves or believing that their dreams could become reality. I wanted so much more for them than they were ready to embrace.

My vision board emphasizes my desire for a millionaire consulting practice, a man who always knew I was the one, and a family that is my first priority. Sprinkled throughout my vision board are 9 hearts and 9 million dollar bills because nine is the most auspicious number in feng shui.

Who will you be in 2011? Please share your thoughts so I know how I can assist you in becoming the success you are destined to be.

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