Stop the doing, start the being

I just completed one of the best months of my life. I didn’t work (ok, I did listen to a few tele-seminar calls when I had cell phone access and I did send/check email when I had access and when I felt like it). I played. I talked. I slept. I drove A LOT (4,300+ miles round trip). I ate good home-cooked meals with family. The food always tastes better when it’s prepared with love and not thrown together in a restaurant. I thought about who I am, who I intend to be, and how I’ll become who I intend to be.

I made some decisions….

Regardless of your employment status and regardless of how long it might take you to save the money to take the time off, I recommend you take a month off to BE…. Stop the doing, start the being!

It’s amazing what will happen when you do….

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