I’m calling just because…..

Wow! It’s almost the end of the week…..

Did you make all the phone calls you intended to make? Did you follow your marketing strategies and reach out to more prospects this week than last week? Did you mail that postcard or send that email? Do you even have a plan when it comes to talking with people about your business?

Relationships grow or wither as a result of communication. When you take time to communicate with your prospects on a consistent basis, you are building relationships.

Personally, I believe Fridays are perfect to call people just because…. Most people are looking forward to the weekend, and there are a dozen different ways to start a Friday conversation.

Sometimes the most productive conversations are the ones that occur because you care about the other person. It isn’t about selling, selling, selling. Sometimes it is about asking “how are you doing? What’s new with your business?” When you express genuine and sincere interest in someone’s success, it’s much easier to find out what they need. And, you just might learn that they really need your services now when they didn’t six months ago.

Here’s your Friday challenge: I challenge you to contact three people just to say hello – no agenda, no hidden motives, no purpose beyond connecting with them because you care. If you don’t have three clients and/or prospects you can call without having a reason, I challenge you to re-evaluate why you’re doing what you’re doing.

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