Taking decisive action with your relationships

I’m a lucky woman.

I believe in the power of relationships, and I believe success is tied directly to your relationships. I make the effort to sustain relationships with people who matter to me. And, I appreciate the joy I feel from those relationships.

This week I have been fortunate to spend time with two extraordinarily special people who have known me for years. We have been through our share of ups and downs. Through the years we laughed together, sometimes yelled at each other, and sometimes cried when we were alone. We have had our career challenges and our triumphs. We call each other to celebrate good news, and we listen when the other is hurting.

What would happen if we stopped calling? What would happen if silence ensued?

Each day we CHOOSE to move forward with our relationships, and we CHOOSE success. We choose how we spend our time and who gets our attention.

Today I choose….

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