It Doesn’t Matter How You Define Success

Friday I spoke at the Indianapolis eWomenNetwork luncheon. I met some amazing women, and I really enjoyed our conversations.

Here’s an excerpt from what I said to the women….

I am not here today to define success for you. Just as the word SOAR creates different images for people, success is as unique as each person listening today.

I am not here to offer you a cookie cutter approach to succeed. Someone listening may choose to quit a job to succeed. Someone else may get a job. A third person may decide that today is the day she wants to sing at the top of her lungs from the balcony of her apartment.

It doesn’t matter how you define success as long as you define it.

Have you defined your success lately?

What does it look like?

What does it feel like?

Without clarity and without definition, how will you know when you succeed?

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