“It’s Not Personal”

How many times have you heard people say “it’s not personal” in the business world?

How many times did you believe them? Never, because it’s a lie.

Every day people make decisions based on what they believe is right for themselves and for their companies.

It is personal when you decide to fire someone. It is personal when you decide to promote someone. Those decisions affect someone’s ability to succeed, and that always has an impact on people’s lives. It isn’t just the individual person. There’s an overall impact as well.

A good hire makes your life easier as a business owner, executive, or manager. A bad hire will keep you awake at night. After all, a company’s performance is tied directly to the behavior of its employees. Every day businesspeople have choices and make decisions about people, process, technology, schedules, etc.

Even when you’re purchasing a product, it is personal. You want to know the product will live up to its hype – serve its purpose, help you feel good, make your life more convenient, etc.

As someone who teaches others to understand that success is all about relationships, I can’t comprehend why people still use such a trite, over-used statement.

It IS personal. It always has been. It always will be.

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