What a Way to Get Noticed!

In someone’s blog about family and/or adoption, I found Dawn Meehan’s blog. She writes about being a mom to 6 kids, and she reminds me of Erma Bombeck.

She’s funny.

LOL funny.

She actually tried to sell an item on ebay that her children managed to sneak by her when they were at the grocery store. That listing had me in tears because she was so funny.

When I was driving to my office on Friday, I hear about her on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Here’s the info from NPR’s website:
Dawn Meehan started a blog in hopes of getting some extra income from ads on the site. She wrote about grocery shopping with her six kids and how hard it is to save money while the kids snuck things into the cart. The tale has been widely circulated on the Internet. Now Meehan has an offer for a book deal, a screenplay and a TV series.

It’s worth clicking on the link and then clicking LISTEN


She really is our modern version of Erma Bombeck!

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