Practice Making Quick Decisions

If you truly live as if you only have today, it is inevitable that you become quicker at making decisions.

I think A LOT.

When I say I think a lot, I mean that I will turn a situation upside down, look at it from all angles, analyze it with some “what if…” questions, and do some bargaining with my internal Self.

If I was considering a purchase that was more than $100, I would give the decision 24 hours (or more). Many salespeople have heard, “I’ve got to sleep on it because I have this internal rule that if I’m spending more than $100, I have to wait and see if I still want the item tomorrow morning.”

Funny thing happened when I started practicing quick decisions… I started to trust myself more, believed in what I was doing, and succeeded more often than not.

Here’s my most recent example of quick decision making. Yesterday morning I read an email about a unique opportunity for women here in Phoenix. Good Morning America will be here next Wednesday, September 26 to broadcast their Take Control of Your Life series from the Heard Museum. The organizers are hoping 200 women are in the audience and are also looking for people who would be willing to ask a question or participate in a speaking role during one of the segments.

Within an hour of reading the initial information, I had RSVP’d that I’d attend, contacted two other businesswomen friends, and sent my information to one of the organizers. I also suggested one of my businesswomen friends as another person for a speaking role.

Today’s Choice: Practice making quick decisions. After all, you’ll never have all the information needed to make a perfect decision. Instead of a perfect decision, try a quick decision. Let me know the result.

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