Keep Quiet Sometimes

Two of my core strengths are strategic thinking and creativity.

When people tell me about what they want to accomplish, I can see how they will get there, what obstacles they might face, and how they could possibly maneuver around the obstacles to achieve their dreams. Everything lights up inside me as I listen.

I feel the ideas bubbling inside me,
and I love sharing those ideas!

What isn’t easy sometimes is that my brain keeps creating while my mouth is talking. Sometimes people get confused when it seems like I am jumping from one topic to another. In my mind, I made the connection. In my speech, I failed to communicate.

So, I’m training myself to slow down the talking and keep quiet sometimes. Waiting for my brain to fully create and process everything while I want to share all my ideas takes effort.

It’s worth the time and effort when I see someone else’s face light up after I’ve explained in detail what my brain created so quickly.

Today’s Choice: Ask others for feedback on how your strength affects them. If needed, adjust your behavior so your strength remains an asset.

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