Approaching Anniversary

I established Catalyst for Success in the fall of 2002, and I’m preparing to celebrate a big milestone anniversary with a party later this year.

Like other entrepreneurs before me, I stumbled my way into business. After spending 7 years with one of the premier management consulting firms, I was burned out and unemployable.

Yes, I was unemployable.

The vast majority of employees go to the same location, sit in the same cubicle, see the same people, eat at the same places for lunch, work some more, and then go home. Year after year after year after year.

Even if an employee changes jobs, they are quickly back to the same daily routine.

I cannot fathom that kind of environment. I love the variety of being a consultant. I love applying ideas in multiple organizations – large & small. I love meeting new people. I even love traveling to work with new clients (as long as it’s a good fit in terms of the work being done & the results we are achieving).

My business has evolved during the last five years, and I’m excited to think about how it will continue to evolve.

One constant will remain in place: my principles

Success Is All About Relationships
Only Have Today
Always Imagine More
Ready to Rise

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