Written any letters lately?

Writing letters used to be a wonderful way to connect with loved ones. Today in an age of electronic communications with email, text messages, and instant messages, we are shocked to receive an actual letter written by hand.

Most people value a letter written by hand more than an email or text message. Knowing that someone chose to take time to write you means more in today’s electronic age.

Today I’d like to suggest that you pick 5 clients and write them a letter. Sure, you can use the fancy letterhead paper for a lovely handwritten note.

Express your appreciation for their decision to do business with you. They chose to work with you, and you want to thank them for that decision.

Be sincere because people can sense when you’re not.

Be succinct. A few sentences from the heart will create more impact than a 50-page proposal printed on glossy paper in full color.

Focus on them. Remind them of what they felt or what they said before they decided to work with you. Compare that with where they are now and highlight the good things that have happened while you’ve been working with them.

Remember that this is a note of gratitude and appreciation, not a thinly veiled attempt to sell them something. Even if you have a great new service or the “perfect” new widget that will help them, now is not the time to mention it.

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