Silence Improves Conversations

When communicating, most people underestimate the value of remaining quiet. In our rush to share our thoughts, we talk too much and sometimes interrupt the other person just to make sure our viewpoint is heard.

Any relationship will be enhanced
when the power of silence is added to a conversation.

Here are two tips to increase the quality of your conversations:

Ask a question and silently count to 10 (or 20 if necessary)
Sometimes when you ask a question, you feel vulnerable. If the person doesn’t respond immediately, it’s easy to want to explain yourself or rephrase your question. Instead of doing that, allow the person time to process what you’ve said and form their response.

Remain silent until the other person finishes speaking
For some people, it feels impossible to do and yet, it is priceless for improving communication and strengthening any relationship. Allowing someone to talk without interruption demonstrates that you value what they are saying. Being quiet shows respect for the person speaking. Respect increases the trust someone feels. Increased trust improves your relationship.

You can use these tips at home or at work. They are appropriate for use with anyone who can speak (or sign if you use sign language to communicate). Try it with your boss, your business partner, your spouse, your child, your friends, your colleagues….

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