It never hurts to ask “why?”

It seems like I’m always reading a new business book. If the book doesn’t provide some “aha!” insights or great practical tips, I don’t recommend it. Every once in awhile, I read a GREAT business book that becomes a favorite!

My newest favorite is Getting Things Done by David Allen. He says that anytime you get sidetracked with a project/meeting/discussion it’s important to return to your purpose. Specifically, he writes,

It never hurts to ask the “why?” question. Almost anything you’re currently doing can be enhanced and even galvanized by more scrutiny at this top level of focus. Why are you going to your next meeting? What’s the purpose of your task? Why are you having friends over for a barbeque in the backyard? Why are you hiring a marketing director? Why do you have a budget? (Allen, pp. 62-63)

Okay, David Allen…..Let’s ask some “why?” questions…

Why am I continuing to work for a client who is less than ideal?
Because I have gotten comfortable doing what they need for the money they pay me. Because some of the people at this client site are really great people, and I enjoy seeing them during the week. Because I’m thinking about my savings account and my summer plans.

Why do I want to travel around the world?
Because it’s fascinating to me to experience other cultures, see amazing landscapes, and eat different foods. Because there’s nothing better than sleeping in my bed after several nights in a hotel bed. Because I have friends in other countries who I miss. Because I can.

Why do I enjoy writing?
Because I love words and how they create feelings in other people. Because I want other people to be inspired to action when they read what I write. Because writing gives me an opportunity to express how I feel and revise it and refine it so that is creates the “perfect” mood in my readers.

Why do I enjoy speaking to groups?
Because speech brings passion to my words. Because words on a page cannot reflect the emotions I felt as I wrote. Because intention becomes clear when I speak my words. Because others can hear me, feel inspired, and do something different! Because I feel energized by other people’s reactions when I speak.

Why do I do what I do?
Because I want to live my life with joy and passion! Because I want everyone on this planet to live with joy and passion! Because I want everyone on this planet to pursue their dreams! Because I want to always imagine more – more fun, more life, more joy, more success, more thrills, more adventures, more prosperity, more abundance, more love, more friendship, more laughter, more, more, more….

Why do you do what you do?

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