Natural rhythm

Earlier today I was talking with someone about the importance of following your natural rhythm.

Being a survivor of corporate America, I struggled for years feeling like I “should” be at work in my Catalyst office by 8 a.m. If it was after 9, I’d truly feel a sense of failure because I wasn’t working hard enough. If I wasn’t working hard enough, my business would fail and then I’d have to return to a full-time J-O-B with an employer telling me what to do.

Yes, I experienced lots of “doom and gloom” feelings from those thoughts. Ugh!

Now I recognize that I feel much better and get more accomplished by following my natural rhythm. When I allow my body to wake me up, I start my day more peacefully. I still get everything done that needs to be done, and I’m happier as I do everything.

That feeling of flow is important.

When we push in traffic to get somewhere in a hurry, we are interrupting our flow. When we constantly check our watches and worry that our schedule has slipped again, we are interrupting our flow. When we rush from here to there and back again, our bodies feel the stress and our minds shut down.

Why are we rushing through our lives?

Just for today identify one action that will create more peace, more joy, more love, more happiness in your life. Start with one action and enjoy the results.

Once you experience the ease of living in a natural rhythm, you’ll do more to go with the flow.

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