Yesterday was FULL Day of Living!

Some people asked why I chose yesterday to be a technology-free day.

Truth is that I choose to celebrate my life every February 21. Years ago I lost one of my dearest and closest friends to a horrifyingly awful disease called Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. No one knows what caused her to get it. I just know her life was ended way too early, and I miss her to this day.

The first year or two I spent the day crying and miserable. Then I realized that my friend would have wanted me to do anything but cry all day. Now I spend February 21 doing whatever makes me happy.

Have you ever experienced that kind of freedom? You wake up in the morning with absolutely no idea what you’ll do, but with the very focused intention of enjoying every minute.

Yesterday I felt very pampered while having a manicure/pedicure at my favorite nail salon – In the Pink. Then I met a guy friend at my favorite restaurant Oregano’s. After chatting for more than four hours, I left Oregano’s and decided to buy an original Dina Farris Appel artwork from one of the art events I visited this weekend.

Quite frankly, it was more expensive than I remembered. I hesitated because of the pricetag. Then, I thought about how unique it is because she painted it in the round. She can’t create a giclee from the original. I have the only one that will ever exist! It’s a beach scene with palm trees and a hammock. What a fabulous image to carry in my head and heart!

Why did I buy it? Because every February 21 I live my life as if it’s my last day on this physical Earth.

You Only Have Today

I remind people often that you only have today to do something, tell someone you appreciate them, give attention and affection to your family, laugh, sing, love, etc.

Yesterday I lived as if I only had yesterday!

Now it’s your turn…..

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