What’s Your Security?

Some of my clients feel trapped. I recognize the feeling because I have lived through what they are experiencing.

Some feel trapped by the money they make. They have a difficult time believing they can sustain their lifestyle if they leave their corporate J-O-B-S. After all, they reason that it’s safer to receive a steady paycheck than to worry about being the boss.

Some feel trapped because they believe in their hearts that they can have more, do more, enjoy more. They have lost their zest for living abundantly and joy-fully! Somehow, their hearts and their minds got disconnected. They are coasting in their J-O-B-S or their businesses. Just because they escaped the corporate jungle and successfully started a business doesn’t mean that everything is suddenly easy & magical for them.

What’s underneath the feeling of being trapped? Is it really fear that you can choose to overcome? Is it your subconscious keeping you safe from harm?

My personal opinion is that it’s both. You have choices to make. You also have to ensure that your inner self feels secure.

For some people, security is a financial cushion. For other people, security is a group of supportive people (friends, family, colleagues). For other people, they can’t even seem to define what feels safe for them.

If you don’t feel safe, it is impossible to step forward.

So, if it’s impossible to move unless you feel safe, the next question is simple….

How can I create a feeling of safety & security?

If you don’t feel safe and you don’t know how to feel secure, call or email me. We can identify YOUR safety & security plan. That’s a first step towards stepping forward.

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