Introducing SOAR for 40 Program

This morning while I was working with a client, she mentioned that she had referred me to several of her clients. I was flattered that she felt so highly about how I’ve helped her create fantastic results in a short time! Since I hadn’t yet heard from her referrals, we discussed why they might not feel comfortable contacting me.

As we were talking, it seemed pretty clear to me – these women don’t know who I am and they haven’t had any interaction with me outside of my client’s rave reviews. Some of her clients may be interested, but they also don’t know what they would be getting involved in doing.

It’s really difficult to ask for help when you aren’t sure how someone can help you. It’s not easy to put your faith in someone else’s ability to help you – especially when that someone is a “stranger” to you.

I’m introducing a new program today that is designed to help anyone deal with a question or problem. SOAR for 40 is intended to give you 40 minutes of focused attention on solving a problem, identifying potential alternatives, and getting you “unstuck” as you create the life & business you want.

We’ll talk for 40 minutes by phone or in person (if you live in metro Phoenix area). If you receive value, pay me based on the value you received. If you don’t receive value, keep your money. It’s a no-risk opportunity that may just create the results you desire!

For more information on this program,
call me at 480 344 7747 or

Tell your friends to tell their friends that I’m ready to SOAR for 40!

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