No coincidences

As I live, I have a few principles that I believe to the very core of my being. These principles are part of who I am – the fabric of my soul!

What goes around, comes around (the modern version of “Do unto others as you would have done to you”)

Everything happens for a reason! There are no coincidences – there is a purpose to every person’s life and everything that happens during that life

You only have today so live life fully in the moment!

Why focus on the negative when it’s so much easier to feel positive? (aka “My glass is half-full… make that 75% full!”)

Last week I started re-thinking a personal decision I made. Within the course of one week, I have had numerous references to an alternative appear in my life.

Something isn’t quite settled inside me now. I don’t know what that means. I do know that I will give it some time to settle.

That’s another core belief: Listen to your insides because your heart knows what’s best for you!

You cannot escape who you are when you’re in business. You don’t have a “business self” and a “personal self” ~ you only have you.

If there are no coincidences in your life, what message did you receive yesterday? Open your mind to experience it, be still and allow your mind to show you the message. Let me know….

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