Money or Relationships?

Are you more focused on money or relationships?

Most people like to believe they are focused on relationships, but their actions demonstrate the opposite. When you choose to work at home on the weekend, are you putting work before your family? Are you working to avoid the pain you’re feeling in your love relationship?

Why is it more important to you to achieve success at work and not at home?

I’ve met a lot of people who believe they have to make sacrifices to get ahead in their careers. They truly believe it’s for the benefit of their families, and you will hear them say, “But, I’m doing it for them! I’m doing it so they can take ballet, go to soccer camp, travel around the world, [insert your reason here].”

My question is simple: Did you ask them what they wanted?

Did you ask your son if he wanted you to watch him play neighborhood soccer on Saturday morning instead of disappearing into your home office? Did you ask your significant other if they wanted to go to Tahiti next spring?

Yes, there are times you may need to work in the evenings or on the weekend. Are you truly making work an exception or has it become the routine?

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