Bridal fairs & mobile manicures

Yesterday I spent six hours with a client, and we went to a bridal fair. I can honestly say a bridal fair would have been my last choice for how to spend a Sunday afternoon (especially when the NFL playoffs are underway). But, this client is interested in starting a mobile manicure business (email for more info & pricing). She wants to do bridal parties, bachelorette parties, showers…

I pretended to be the bride today. For the most part, it was fun. NO ONE asked about the groom or where he was. Some forms had a groom name so I made up one (tee-hee!). When the vendors asked me about a wedding date, I said honestly, “I don’t know and I’m not sure.” It was easy to tell them that as I get older, the number of bridesmaids and number of guests keeps going down! lol

After we wandered around the convention center for a few hours, we went to one of my favorite customer-centered restaurants (Oregano’s – worth a visit if you’re ever in Arizona). We sorted her contacts into hot, medium, and low priority for follow-up. We talked about how she could set-up her business and what her next actions are.

Truth told…. it was fun to pretend to be a bride. Talking about my desires (gorgeous flowers and fabulous photography) might create opportunities for me to fall in love again. It was also weird because I really don’t know when/how/if I’ll ever be a bride.

Was it worth going? Absolutely! My client was glowing with excitement. I truly believe she’s on track to create an amazing and somewhat unusual business. I’m looking forward to saying, “I knew her before she started her dream business.”

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