Dealing with Cranky People

I’m in the midst of feeling cranky today, and it got me to thinking about how crankiness affects business relationships.

What do you do with a moody employee? Do you approach them to ask what might be causing the problem? Do you ignore it in hopes that it will go away? Do you tell them to “let it go” so they can focus on your clients?

When you have a telephone call or a meeting scheduled with a VIC (very important client) and it’s painfully obvious that the day hasn’t been going well for your VIC…. what do you do? Do you continue with your presentation or agenda?

In some business circles, it could be considered a faux pas to ask why your VIC is feeling down/ cranky/ angry/ frustrated/ stressed. However, I have found asking is always appreciated!

Asking how someone is feeling and truly caring is one of the MOST important ways to connect with somene. And, as I’ve said many times, connection is the first step in building a relationship.

The next time your VIC seems to be feeling out of sorts, take a chance.

“Hey, it seems like you might be distracted right now. Would you like to talk about what’s on your mind?”

Even if your VIC doesn’t want to talk, I guarantee you are one step closer to a stronger relationship.

By the way, your employee is also your VIC!

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