Reply, Respond, Communicate

This weekend a new friend expressed how my lack of response had created some angst and uncertainty. See, my friend had sent an email to me that was poignant and emotional. I had not replied immediately to the email. Instead, I sent a new email later in the week. It was not my intention to ignore what was said. I was dealing with other things in my life.

I’m grateful to my friend for saying something. Too often, we shrug our shoulders and do not allow people to know how we feel or how their words and behavior affect us. Somehow, we think we are brave.

What we are really doing is putting a barrier between us. A barrier prevents a real relationship from existing or growing.

When we stop expressing how we really feel, we settle for superficial conversations and less than meaningful relationships.

It is vital to respond and acknowledge emotional behavior. We see that often in customer service situations. Just as I spoke with my friend and explained my behavior, your employees better do the same to keep your client relationships intact.

Are they shrugging their shoulders or preserving relationships?

If they are shrugging their shoulders, how would you know? More importantly, what will you do about it?

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