Dreams Are Resilient

Recently while I sipped my hot tea, I saw tea leaves at the bottom of my cup. That reminded me of a visit to Istanbul and reading my Fortune in the leaves. How much joy and promise I felt! I was at the beginning of my consulting career! Like any 20-something, I was excited, ambitious!

I dreamed of sharing a summer beach bungalow on the island of Burgaz with my friend Aysegul. We met at Krannert at Purdue, and we knew we’d be friends for life. We agreed that we HAD to marry guys who got along well together, who would be willing to share this house on Burgaz, and who would love us enough to let us spend our summers together. I remember how we talked. I kept saying the four of us would enjoy the summers with our children and grow old together.

Until lately, I had put that dream aside. I got busy climbing the corporate ladder. I fell in love. Aysegul passed away. I moved to Phoenix. I got my heart broken. I decided the corporate ladder was too confining & constricting for me. I pursued building a business. Somehow I “lost” the dream of living on an island during the summer.

Now I know that the dream is still inside me. It has always been inside me. When a thought or a dream or a feeling stays with you, there’s a purpose.

Now I’m ready to honor that purpose. I’m ready to re-create my life again so I can spend my summers near “big water” with the people I love. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know where. It does matter that I am committed to honoring my purpose.

How are you honoring your purpose? How are you honoring your relationships? How are you creating your success?

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