More thoughts on choices

Still thinking about yesterday’s post on choices…..

Life is about choices. As I look back on my life, I can see choices that I made whole-heartedly. At the time, I knew deep within me that I was choosing well. Those choices propelled me forward and I felt fabulous about what was happening! Everything aligned easily – choices like getting my MBA from Krannert/Purdue, working on a global implementation project in England, moving to Phoenix. It was amazing how easily all the pieces fell into place and my opportunities as a result of those choices.

I also made choices that weren’t so great. Sometimes I knew at the time that I was making a mistake and still chose the “wrong” thing even though it didn’t feel good. I was choosing solely from my head or from my emotions (NOT from my heart). I chose to buy a timeshare condo. I chose to hope for someone’s love & attention long after we split. I chose to take a job because I needed the money. Those choices brought more misery and heartache than I could bear at times.

My life is a result of my choices – the good and the not-so-good choices. Instead of looking back and regretting my choices, I now choose to live in the present. I strive to do what is best for me today because today’s choices create tomorrow’s success.

I’m learning more about trusting that inner voice within me. This weekend Sonia Choquette described it as having sixth sensory perception (in addition to smell, touch, see, hear, taste).

I’m paying attention and am more aware of what is happening around me. And, I prefer to believe I’m making better choices.

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