Life isn’t fair; Life is about choices

One of my girlfriends was telling me about a recent conversation with her 8 year old daughter. Of course, it wasn’t really a ‘conversation’ because of her daughter’s tears and protests that life wasn’t fair!

My friend needed to go to a doctor’s appointment. Her daughter’s best friend was sick so she couldn’t go to her house. She didn’t want to go to grandad’s house, and she definitely did NOT want to go with her mom to the chiropractor because it takes too long. Her daughter was singing the “It’s just not fair!” song with tears and a pouty face.

Life isn’t fair. Life is about choices.

My friend’s daughter had a choice – she could go to grandad’s or she could go with her mom. Instead of whining, she ought to be grateful that her mom gave her a choice.

How many times have you been like my friend’s daughter? You don’t like your choices. You aren’t interested in looking at alternatives. Do you whine? Do you complain? Does it get you anywhere? Does the complaining move you towards what you want?

Try gratitude that life is about choices. One of my company’s slogans is today’s choices create tomorrow’s success. Another way to say that is:

Today’s decisions create the choices you have tomorrow.

Choose well!

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