Gratitude and Blessings

Here in the States, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving this week. This holiday has become my favorite holiday during the last few years.

My favorite family holiday is still Christmas and I expect that Christmas will only be more precious as my family grows in number. For me, Thanksgiving is focused on gratitude and contentment.

Our ancestors chose to set aside a day to express thanks for their lives, for the harvest they had, for the friendships they formed, for the joy they felt living in America.

Each year I choose to spend Thanksgiving with different people who are special to me. I have spent it with family, with friends, with strangers who became friends. Last year was wonderful because I visited my mom’s mom in Tennessee.

Although I may not spend Thanksgiving with the same people year after year, one feeling remains constant. I feel overwhelming gratitude and contentment on Thanksgiving. I count my blessings and celebrate my abundance.

This week, I suggest you count your blessings. Your blessings give you wealth, joy, happiness, love, abundance, and prosperity.

After you count your blessings, BE a blessing for someone else.

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