Keepsakes or Albatrosses?

Do you collect reminders of past adventures, vacations, or relationships? I seem to have all of the above. Each day I wear jewelry that reminds me of people or events in my life.

Lately I’ve been contemplating if my jewelry and mementos are keepsakes or albatrosses.

In some ways, I love keeping people or events close to my heart. Wearing a bracelet I bought in Istanbul or a necklace from my recent Hawaiian adventure remind me of very special moments in my life. Framed photos remind me of fun times with laughter and love.

Sometimes my keepsakes are tinged with sadness as well. I have a ring that I purchased in Stockholm with a very dear friend. Sometimes when I look at my ring, I remember losing my friend instead of the fun we were having when I bought it. That sadness has prompted me to consider if I’m holding too tightly to the past instead of embracing my future.

I suppose it’s a balance….. Keepsakes honor your past relationships. But, when your keepsakes prick your heart and cause tears, maybe it’s time to honor who you have become instead of who you were.

I no longer wear my bracelet from Istanbul every day. I stopped wearing my amethyst earrings from a former love, but I still wear the last bracelet he gave me.

Each day I look in my jewelry box, and
I put on what makes me feel GOOD!

Because feeling GOOD is part of enjoying my relationships!

And, I am successful when I’m feeling good.

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