Yes, I’m still blogging

I know, I know….. you might have wondered what is going on with me.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what’s been happening in the last six weeks….

  • Started a new contract with a new client – I’m working in a technical environment related to networks, servers, infrastructure, virtual hosting, and all sort of techie stuff. Quite frankly, I’m working with engineers and I tell them periodically that they are speaking German or Latin (I don’t know much about either language)
  • Of course, I’ve seen Sex & The City movie three times (loved the story, most of the clothes, the movie’s theme, and the friendships!)
  • Over-scheduled myself in a ton of meetup group events – if you haven’t checked out, you’ll be amazed at how many people share your interests!
  • Started a joint venture with Intentional Achievements to provide consulting & training activities for corporate clients – intrigued? interested? Leave a comment & I’ll contact you
  • Participated in Ladies Who Launch intensive incubator program
  • Started dating again – it’s amazing to me how you can go out with one guy & then three more guys suddenly appear in your life (truth is I’m partial to one and guarding my heart)
  • Visited Sedona – every time I visit Sedona, I wonder what it would be like to live there all the time because I love those red rocks & I love how energized I feel when I’m there
  • Went to Wine Down Wednesday & ended up on 95.5 KYOT Jazz radio station’s website (photo posted below)
  • Joined Club E Network – fascinating new organization for entrepreneurs & networking with lots of high energy, go-getter, positive, focused people
  • Bowled a 174 and 194 during my first visit to a bowling alley in years! I have not felt that relaxed and had that much fun in ages! I felt like I was a kid again!
  • Participated in MRA certification training program
  • Joined Ladies Who Launch ongoing incubator
  • Planned an upcoming trip to the Midwest for my grandmother’s 90th birthday & a college friend’s wedding

Wow! No wonder I haven’t had time to blog….

I’ve got more info to share so I hope you continue to visit. You can bet that any one of these bullet points might become a future post on the blog (okay, I’m probably not going to mention the dating stuff too often)

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