Yes, it’s my turn to take AIM

Many people have asked if I am still blogging….
I appreciate your interest!

I paused in my blogging for a few reasons. I wasn’t sure that I had anything important or relevant to discuss. I have been working some insane hours for a few clients. I really took to heart something I teach others to do: ALWAYS IMAGINE MORE!

Here are some of my imaginative ideas….

  1. Spend 20 hours of my week working as a Starbucks barista for decent & affordable healthcare
  2. Fire my current clients, refuse any future clients, sell my house, and move to a TBD location
  3. Get my Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) certification
  4. Transfer my current clients to someone else & take on a new challenge in the fitness industry
  5. Become a university professor (preferably at Purdue so I can get season football & basketball tickets)
  6. Move to Guatemala, adopt a baby, fall in love, live happily ever after
  7. Help a non-profit organization establish a new baby home in Guatemala

Clearly, my head and heart have gotten misaligned…. again.

Please stay tuned for what happens next….

You’re welcome to vote for any of the listed ideas or share your ideas for which direction I should go

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