I’m still trying to jolt my being into doing

Today as I was writing an email, I wrote these words:

I’m still trying to jolt my being into doing.

Everyone else may have already identified, marketed, and made money from their “special New Year offer” product or service. I’m still trying to get my office organized and re-arranged because I have an emotional need to clear my physical space.

Do you need your physical space to be in order to think clearly?

Are you affected emotionally by the “stuff” that surrounds you?

It seems that I am still seeking clarity, and I’m finding it as I re-define my physical space. I feel almost obsessed with shredding old papers, selling furniture, and re-arranging the furniture I’m keeping.

Today as I emptied my home office of past papers and other items, I felt anticipation. Anything is possible in an empty room.

In my next home, I intend to have one room dedicated to possibilities. I intend for that room to be physically empty except for one chair or sofa for me. For me, the empty room creates space to imagine. It’s possible to imagine more when you’re surrounded with an abundance of space, air, and light.

Anything is possible!

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