Wanting “The Best” for You

Here are some reflections after spending over a week with my parents….

Being in business for yourself is most likely something that your parents didn’t do. They cannot comprehend what you’re experiencing because they are used to having jobs. Someone else set the company strategy, and their participation was to follow someone else’s direction.

When you were a child, they cared for you, loved you, and wanted you to succeed. They still love you and want you to succeed even if you’re an adult. The biggest difference between now and today is that they may not be able to express ‘caring’ for you in ways that help you.

They may or may not understand why your inventory levels are low or your books aren’t balanced. They may or may not understand why you don’t just fire the lousy employees or why you don’t hire good people to begin with. Their opinions may grate on your nerves, irritate you, or frustrate you.

But, your parents will always love you and want the best for you.

The better question to ask yourself as 2007 ends…

Do you want the best for you?

One thought on “Wanting “The Best” for You

  1. As the mother of one very free thinking entrepreneurial son, and the wife of a very conservative, non-entrepreneurial husband I get caught in the middle a lot. Hubby thinks son should settle down and get a “regular” job. Bug and his wife are all into him starting his own thing. She can support them in the process, but Hubby has a hard time with that concept, being the original Bread Winner type! LOL!!

    It’s good that you can recognize that your parents love you in their own way. Lots of folks can’t see that and lose a lot more than they know in the process of being angry and resentful. Keep on encouraging them! Maybe they’ll get it before it’s too late to go back and make nice.


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